About – Overview

Let Me Check My Notes, Inc. is a non-profit company founded by individuals with cognitive inconveniences for individuals with cognitive inconveniences. See our Mission and Vision statement.

Why do we use the word, “inconveniences” as opposed to “disabilities” or “impairments?” 

Because “inconvenience” is more empowering! Some of us have had a significant, diagnosed brain injury causing a wide range of memory and other challenges. Some of us are unable to work. Others were born with conditions that have labels like “autism” or “ADHD.”  

Some of us are experiencing brain changes from getting older or as a consequence of conditions such as MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or Parkinson’s Disease.

As an organization, we have consolidated over 30 years of success stories based upon what we have learned from thousands of individuals, family members and therapists about:

  • Coping and Compensating
  • Using strategies and tactics
  • Integrating technology

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