Our Board

Rich Billin, Director and President

Rich is an attorney whose wife experienced a significant Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in 2005. He understands what it takes to be the life partner of someone who had to relearn “virtually everything.”

Kathy Moeller Herried, Director and Vice President / Secretary

Kathy experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury in 1990, and was among the fortunate few who—with a million dollars of insurance—received state-of-the-art cognitive rehabilitation over 14 months. She started designing Assistive Technology in 1993 (the BRAIN BOOK® Life and Work Management System).

A self-described “technology nut” since the early 80’s, her current passion is getting resources, including her note-making iPhone app, into the hands of anyone who needs assistive technology and other supports, but “may not have a million dollars of insurance to pay for it.” 

Kelly Cruser, Director and Treasurer

Kelly experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury 15 years ago, as the result of a bicycle crash that put her in a 11-hour coma. Prior to her TBI, Kelly raced bicycles competitively, and had a thriving orthodontic practice that she loved. She has been tirelessly researching strategies and tactics for recovery from TBI, and has built a “beautiful life,” contributing to the community and sharing her knowledge.




Carol Berger

Carol is an occupational therapist with 26 years career experience overall and 6 years overseeing brain injury services at the VA in White City, including a Brain Train lab. She retired in 2014 but continues to serve the community as a volunteer and board member with Phoenix Counseling Center. 

Fred Berger

Fredric is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with 27 years’ experience overall who worked at the White City, Oregon VA for 15 years. In retirement, he remains active in the community as a volunteer with The Ashland Community Resource Center and St. Vincent dePaul, focusing on helping Veterans and those with mental illness. As an individual with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), he appreciates the value of having a community of peers who can share tools, skills, and other support.

 Janet Murphy

Janet is a case manager with Providence Hospital. She has facilitated the Neuro Support Group there for the past 15 years.

Applications / Software Development / Web

Richard LeBlanc, PhD

Dr. Leblanc is the chair of Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering. He worked with Kathy in 2010 as the faculty advisor for the graduate level software engineering team that participated in the “Cognitive Bionics Project” and launched Kathy’s first iPad program serving individuals with cognitive disabilities.

Sean Casserly

(Bio to come)

Skip Fisher

(Bio to come)

Diane West, MA

Diane has been designing websites since 1995 and has been developing WordPress sites for clients since 2014. She has a BA in Art from San Jose State University; her Master’s degree is in Graphic Design, from Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas. She has been an avid Apple/Mac user since 1988.