We are dedicated to providing resources to our community. We make every effort to share resources that we find to be effective — at least for some of us. 

Because we are not doctors or others with professional licenses who are authorized to “practice” medicine or provide therapies, YOU are responsible for evaluating the resources we list – for yourself!  (Legal disclaimer to come) 

As a community, we have collected many years of success stories – and that means RESOURCES! Resources come in many “shapes and sizes.” Here are some of them:

Books we like

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Kathy M’s Resources

KathyM—as she is known in some circles—is our founder. She has been providing assistive tools and training for over 25 years. They include the paper-based BRAIN BOOK®Life and Work Management System, the first digital version of the BRAIN BOOK, known as My Bionic Brain® and the Let Me Check My Notes® app for the iPhone and iPad.