Specialized, Affordable, Sustainable Technology

Why Specialized Technology Matters

Individuals with cognitive challenges often have memory, organization and other challenges that make if difficult—and sometimes impossible—to learn and use the use the tools that teachers and therapists and vocational specialists make available to us. Background noise, lighting, and motion can also affect how we learn and function. In other words, technology that meets the needs of individuals with “ordinary” cognition, under ordinary circumstances, may or may not meet the unique needs many of us have.

If we sense that we could learn or function “if only” we had different (better) tools, it may be a matter of continuing the search. This website, and our non-profit, is dedicated to creating a community of individuals and resources that permit everyone to create or discover their own specialized tool kit (AKA “technology”), as they define it.

Affordable Technology

Affordability matters! Those of us who were fortunate enough to afford good rehabilitation services, understand what it would be like to try to “battle back’ on our own, if we had not been able to afford the rehabilitation services we got! 

Some of us use use paper day planners, calendars, notebooks and journals – often known as so-called “low tech” tools. They may or may not be affordable over time. Same thing with app for a smart phone or tablet, or computerized programs. 

As a community, we are dedicated to finding and making affordable tools (AKA “technologies”) available. We publish free, downloadable information. We add new resources, as we learn about them. Through a robust sponsorship and membership program, every effort is made to provide tools, that may not be entirely free, to Members at prices they can afford. Visit our CONTACT page to get more information about becoming a Member or Sponsor.

Sustainable Technology

Sustainability matters! If we live long enough, we will learn from experience (and mistakes) that products that are here-today-gone-tomorrow (in other words, are not sustainable) are particularly problematic if we have cognitive challenges.  Our commitment is to create a community—with resources—that stand the test of time.  

We need supports as our disabilities “morph,” as they often do over time.  And we need supports as we age!  Let Me Check My Notes, Inc. is committed to being a valued resource for ourselves, our children, and for children yet unborn!