From: Dr. Scott Standifer Assistant Director
Region 7 TACE Disability Policy &
Studies University of Missouri

I would like to offer my strongest endorsement for Kathy Moeller, her My Bionic Brain® software, and her abilities as a presenter/trainer.

In March, 2012, I was honored to have Kathy present at our Autism Works National Conference on autism employment in St. Louis. The conference drew more than 240 people to the conference from across the country, representing the autism community, disability employment services community, and business community, and Kathy’s presentations were some of the most popular and best received on our agenda.

I have worked with Kathy for many years, as part of our Ask Kathy M. website, and have always found her to possess a unique voice and set of insights with the disability community.

Her direct experience with cognitive differences allows her to deliver more credible and practical suggestions on accommodation than anyone I have ever met. To have her embed that perspective in her new software is a remarkable accomplishment.

It was a pleasure to offer our conference participants a chance to have her directly explain the function of her software and its application to daily life.

The participants’ evaluation scores of her presentation were uniformly high, with more than half the categories showing the top possible ranking. Those evaluation items receiving top possible rankings include:

  • I found this was a high quality training
  • Trainer was effective
  • Attendees had an opportunity to actively participate
  • Presentation was well organized
  • Length and pace were appropriate

Written comments from participants also reflect a strong, positive impact of Kathy’s sessions:

  • “A great tool and great explanation”
  • “I gained a better understanding of TBI”
  • “A great tool: exciting, interesting, and easy!”

I look forward to including Kathy in future trainings and conference hosted by my office, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Dr. Scott Standifer, Disability Policy & Studies