Strategies Overview

Let Me Check My Notes, Inc. has collected strategies (and tactics) for coping with, and compensating for a wide range of challenges that individuals with cognitive inconveniences deal with.

As many of us have learned – either on our own, or with the help of professionals with experience in cognitive rehabilitation – an important strategy for compensating for memory challenges, is to get into the habit of writing notes.

As helpful as this strategy is, the next questions are “Where?” and “How?” and “How often?” 

Over time, we may experiment with handwritten lists, paper calendars, bound an ringed notebooks, paper day planners, and sticky notes. In recent years, we may experiment with smart phone and tablet calendars, note-making apps, and a myriad of other things.

As a community, we have learned about hundreds of note-making tactics – not to mention, note-storing, note-finding, and note-using tactics. You can find some of them here in the STRATEGIES section of our website.

Paper-based Note-making, Computer-based Note-making, Tablet and Smart Phone Apps

Strategies and Tactics for Other Challenges         

Coping and compensating doesn’t stop with note-making. There are strategies and tactics for:

  • Exercising our brains and bodies
  • Reducing stress
  • Planning
  • Decision-making
  • Working (returning to work or working for the first time)
  • Getting support
  • Organizing your closet and kitchen
  • Remembering steps for doing different things
  • Kitchen and home safety

Tell us your story. What works for you? We’d love to hear from you!